Microsoft 365 Personal


What is It

Microsoft 365 Personal includes online office applications for 1 user across multiple devices.


Excel  •  OneDrive  •  OneNote  •  Outlook  •  PowerPoint  •  Skype  •  Word 



1TB OneDrive



2-Step Verification  •  Ransomware Protection





*Software Description Disclaimer. All software descriptions are based on the software
manufacturers’ own representations and Outline’s experience with the software. While Outline strives
to provide detailed, current, and accurate information, Outline makes no guarantees regarding the
accuracy of any software description or the performance of such software.*


1 Year

Software Specifications

Operating Systems


Windows 10

Windows 8.1



3 Most recent versions of OSX



4 Most recent versions of Android


2 Most recent versions of iOS



Hardware Requirements



PC – 1.6 (GHz) or faster, 2-core


Mac – Intel Processor


Android – ARM-based or Intel x86 processor


iOS – N/A





PC – 2GB (32-bit), 4GB (64-bit)




Android – 1GB



(Hard Disk Space)


PC – 4GB


OSX – 10GB



How is it Licensed

1 License = 1 User, up to 5 computers


Return Policy

Subject to Microsoft

Outline's Favorite Feature

Changes Saved Automatically

As long as you’re connected, you are saving.


Outline loves Microsoft 365’s automated saving process across various applications. We can’t tell you how many times we have been saved (pun intended) after a computer crash or an accidental log off only to find our work remained in tact. Just make sure you are online and fully connected before exiting out and your Microsoft will have your back.


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