GFI Archiver

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What is It

GFI Archiver provides secure archiving for emails, calendars, files, faxes, and more.


Attachments  •  Calendar Entries    Emails  •  Faxes                                                                                           


Files  •  Text (SMS)  •  Voice Messages    



Message-Auditing (Validate Emails / Files / More) 


Additional Features  

Business Intelligence Reports  •  Cloud Access / Management •  Compliance Assistance                               


File Collaboration  •  Search Electronic History  






*Software Description Disclaimer. All software descriptions are based on the software
manufacturers’ own representations and Outline’s experience with the software. While Outline strives
to provide detailed, current, and accurate information, Outline makes no guarantees regarding the
accuracy of any software description or the performance of such software.*


1 Year, 2 Year, 3 Year

Software Specifications

Hardware Requirements


Minimum: Intel Pentium or compatible – 2GHz 32 bit processor

Recommended: x64 architecture-based server with Intel 64 architecture or AMD64 platform.



Minimum: 1GB RAM (Dedicated to GFI Archiver)

Recommended: 3GB RAM (Dedicated to GFI Archiver)


(Physical Storage)

Minimum: 400MB physical disk space (NTFS) for GFI Archiver installation. More space is required for the email databases.

Recommended: Server with 4 physical drives, with the ability to increase storage space on demand when required.


Operating Systems

Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 (including R2), Windows SBS 2011


Supported MailServers

Microsoft Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010


Office 365


Kerio Connect


Google Apps for Business


Other mail servers supporting IMAP


Supported databases

SQL Server 2005 or later. SQL Server 2012 Express is highly recommended for organizations. Not included with GFI Archiver installation and is required to be installed as a separate process.


Firebird – for evaluating organizations with fewer than 25 email users. (This database is bundled and automatically configured by GFI Archiver).


Outline's Favorite Feature

Message Auditing

GFI makes auditing prior messages a breeze.


Outline loves that Archiver indexes messages prior to saving them so searches can be specific to user or subject.


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